Dr. Raphael Eppler-Hattab is an organizational gerontologist and consultant whose expertise focuses on organizational measurement, compensation and benefits, and human resource development. He is the CEO of Eppler Consulting, a human resource management consultancy firm, and also a researcher, a veteran human rights activist in the gay community in Israel, and a former journalist. In the past, he held various management positions, including as director of remuneration and human resources systems at Pelephone Communications and Strauss Group. He currently serves as a research fellow at the Minerva center on intersectionality in aging at the University of Haifa and as the chairman of the Israeli LGBT golden agers association.

Dr. Eppler-Hattab holds a PhD in gerontology from the University of Haifa, and an MSc in behavioral and management sciences from the Technion. His research areas focus on aging and work, organizational psychology, human resource management and LGBT aging. He is a lecturer in Israeli and international academic institutions and conferences on these topics. His works have been published in Israeli and international scholarly journals.

Dr. Eppler-Hattab is the developer of the “Workplace Age-Friendliness Measure” which aims to measures the degree of friendliness of organizations to work in older age. He is involved in the development of the concepts of the “Late Adulthood” and the “Age of Wisdom” designed to contribute to solutions for the optimal utilization of the abilities and talents of the older generation workforce in social and organizational contexts. In parallel, he is a facilitator of “The Improvers”, a group for older gay men.

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“My vision is to bring significant value to the lives of individuals, groups and organizations, to share with them a consciousness of abundance and wisdom, and to help them achieve their goals and objectives.” (Dr. Raphael Eppler-Hattab).