Consulting Services

We provide organizational consultancy services in the areas of human resource (HR) measurement, reward and development. We specialize in building human capital processes and organizational measurement systems, effective pay and remuneration tailored to the organization’s needs and goals.

Services and solutions in HR management strategy implementation

We provide a variety of effective human capital management solutions – organizational measurement systems and organizational research, compensation and benefits solutions, and means for mapping human capital, all designed to propel your organization forward, including:

  • Occupational architecture and organizational grading

  • Wage and remuneration strategy and policy

  • Reward plans, bonuses and incentives

  • Measurement and evaluation solutions

  • Consulting, accompaniment and training for HR managers

  • Technology, communication and information in HR

  • HR post-merger integration processes

Cross-organizational processes driven by organizational culture

We assist our customers in developing and formulating human capital processes in accordance with the human capital management strategy, shaping the reward concepts and salary policies and benefits on its various components (including intelligent analyses and building the organizational process for examining and updating remuneration components), characterizing appropriate occupational structure and rating, building a portfolio of benefits and social programs, and merging post-acquisition human capital and salary systems.

We assist in complex strategic challenges and build solutions tailored to your organization that will make it easier for you to succeed in the fastest way.

People oriented processes

Our solutions are innovative and valiant and at the same time based on accumulated experience in a variety of sectors. We build retention and recognition programs for core positions and key personnel that support talent management, as well as medium- and long-term bonus programs, such as programs for sales and service workforce and compensation programs for executives.

Within these processes, we provide you with access to our unique expertise and analytical vision. We design feedback and evaluation processes based on quantitative and qualitative evaluations, and enable them to be linked to effective performance management processes and the reward system.

We work in strategic collaboration with Gauss Institute run by Dr. Shosh Sagy, the leading organizational research institute whose instruments are applied in more than 70 major organizations in Israel, in the field of leading, analyzing and presenting employee and organizational culture surveys, internal processes surveys and peripheral feedback processes.

Your organization’s success

Our consulting services focus on the most critical issues and opportunities of our customers. A strategic plan without proper communication and assimilation is likened to a car without wheels. We support the design of the messages and instruments of the human capital and reward programs, while making the relevant information accessible and using the most appropriate technology.

For medium-sized organizations, we offer defined consulting packages and the provision of outsourcing services for the management of the remuneration system. In large organizations we help compensation and benefits managers and human resource managers not to go wrong on the sensitive and complex issues they manage.

“Leadership that works with modesty and determination, along with carrying out peripheral and integrative feedback and dialogue processes, as well as a commitment to improvement processes and tailored multi-channel communication in the organization, will succeed in preventing the consequences of inattention situations in the organization.” (Dr. Raphael Eppler-Hattab).


Projects carried out in a variety of companies, while completing the required schedule, meeting the project objectives, the required quality, non-deviation from budget and achieving customer satisfaction. The range of projects has been aimed at improving the competitive position of organizations through improving their efficiency and effectiveness.

Among the projects we were privileged to take part in were: building a compensation and benefits policy and salary ranges in a large leading company, leading organizational culture and climate surveys in a variety of companies, designing a system of organizational measures and goals derived from the company vision and connected to a reward model that encourages excellence, and diagnosing organizational culture within a global high-tech executive evaluation process.

Sample Projects

Formulation of a remuneration policy for a group of companies | Development and implementation of pay, incentive and retention models for sales and service workforce | Development and implementation of technologies for managing and making information accessible in the worlds of incentives and human resources | Formulation of an exit policy within organizational downsizing processes | Formulation of compensation policy with salary and bonus processes | Implementation of wage and employment policies and procedures | Building a performance-based annual bonus model for executives | Formulation of a salary and remuneration policy | Leading the process of organizational attitudes and culture surveys and derivative organizational processes | Development of a model for mapping, managing and raising the value of human capital in a group of companies | Merging the remuneration systems of companies as part of post-merger integration processes | Formulation of a relocation policy for a global company | Providing wage solutions and benefits in a unionized organization (collective labor agreements) | Implementation of organizational culture measurement in a measurement and evaluation process of a group of companies, based on a survey of employee attitudes and organizational values | Consulting and accompaniment for managers in the fields of human resources | Building a system of organizational measures and goals derived from the company’s vision and connected to a reward and incentive model | Advising human resources managers on salary and remuneration issues | Organizational analysis and diagnosis based on employee attitude and job satisfaction survey and 360° peripheral evaluation process | Analysis and processing of interfaces and internal service surveys, employee attitude surveys and organizational culture | Organizational diagnosis based on research and organizational measurement instruments, and development of organizational measurement models.