Recommendations and appreciations (2005-present)

“Thank you for your exceptional professional contribution into building a new organizational infrastructure, which contributed and promoted the merger process in creating a common language, culture and management tools for the new organization, for perseverance and determination that allowed to bridge gaps and differences while maximizing sensitivity and consideration in particular, and achieving the result in short schedules, despite the great complexity. In our eyes, your investment and dedication are commendable.”
Members of HR forum, Strauss Group

“Commendation for demonstrating professionalism in designing the remuneration and benefits policy and its assimilation, dealing with a complex and difficult field and ‘cracking it’ while demonstrating creativity, determination and raising the spirit of the team, demonstrating cooperation, services and mobilization for the needs of the units.”
Giora Bardea, CEO, Strauss Group

“Raphi, thanks to you we were able to do it differently! Many thanks for the courage and creativity in an extraordinary experience at another board conference.”
Dan Zur, VP of HR, Pelephone Communications

“Dear Raphi, I wanted to say a big thank you for the professional work, while providing exceptional service and courtesy! I really appreciate it! Wishing you much success along the way. I have no doubt that with an attitude like yours, which combines a high level of professionalism with a personal attitude and pleasantness, you will go far!”
Danit Rind, HR Director, Intelitek

“Raphi, we wanted to say thank you for your contribution to the design and implementation of the Electra Fusion human resources system.”
Motti Fireman, VP of Human Resources and Administration, Electra Ltd.

“Dear Raphi, this is a year that we will remember for many years – the pandemic, the intensity, the disease, we will especially remember it as a year that was a wake-up call – for a healthy lifestyle, for proper nutrition, for investing in ourselves both when there is time and when there is none. This is a year I was happy to find out that your family is as exciting and loving at least as you are, and it makes me very happy! I wish you complete healing. I wish this journey would bring with it lots of good things for your life. To me you are the model of a person who bridges the gaps through openness, patience and infinite generosity.”
Tal Almog, VP of HR, Electra FM Group

“Raphi’s doctoral dissertation is one of the most excellent doctoral dissertations we have been able to supervise. Rafi worked in a thorough, in-depth, diligent, sharp, original scientific manner. He not only managed to produce an original theoretical model and a new and independent measurement instrument, but also managed to publish his articles in excellent academic arenas, and to present them at international conferences while receiving praise and recognition of them. He is an exemplary doctoral student who can serve as an example of exceptional research work in its academic excellence. In our opinion, his work deserves recognition as an outstanding research and doctoral dissertation.”
Prof. Israel Doron and Prof. Ilan Meshoulam, University of Haifa

“During our years of working together, I enjoyed the great value that you brought to our work, which stems from the unique combination of strong quantitative thinking abilities and many years of curiosity and experience in both organizations and research.”
Dr. Shosh Sagy, CEO, Gauss Institute.